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Semester at CityLAB Application Form

Semester at CityLAB is an intensive experience that will see you working on real city challenges, helping to make positive change in Hamilton. Your citybuilding adventure begins September 2019!

This course is open to students from all faculties at McMaster University and Redeemer University College who will be enrolled in year 3 or above in Fall 2019.

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Semester at CityLAB involves working closely with groups of peers, City staff, and faculty members who have different ideas and backgrounds. Tell us about the strengths you bring to group work. Describe a lesson you learned from a group conflict and how you would apply this in the future.
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Semester at CityLAB requires flexibility and a willingness to adapt quickly to new information and situations. Describe what steps you would take in the following example:

You are working with your group and the City staff person on your project. Deadlines are approaching. Your City staff person suddenly informs your group that they have been reassigned to a new department and they are no longer able to work with your group. What 3 steps would you take in order to keep your project on track?

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