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Ethics Consent for Inclusion in the LIVELab Participant Pool

LIVEPeople is a participant pool of people that have said that they are interested in being contacted about taking part in research in the LIVELab. People in the pool will be contacted about new studies being held in the LIVELab - a unique facility that is designed to study psychology and interaction in large groups of people using music, multimedia, lectures, and dance.

There are questions on the page after you click agree below, which will help researchers figure out if you fit the type of person needed for their study. Because there are many people signing up for the pool and some studies need certain types of people (e.g., a particular age range), completing this form does not guarantee that you will be asked to participate in a study. When you are the type of person needed for a study, you will be contacted and provided with additional details about the study. You will have a chance to ask questions and decide at that point if you would like to take part. We will also send you updates about the lab once every couple of months.

Your confidentiality will be respected and no information that discloses your identity will be released or published unless required by law. Your data will remain on a secured server in the McMaster LIVELab and only the Pool Coordinator and the Technical Director of the LIVELab will be able to access it. When you are in a study, your personal information (first name, last name, email, and phone number, etc.) will not be known by the researchers. You will be identified by a special participant code and seat code only.

How to let us know you don’t want to be in the participant pool: You have the right to stop being in the participant pool or to withdraw from a study at any time without consequence, even if you have already provided consent. If you want to stop being in the pool simply email or call the LIVELab below with your full name.

This participant pool has been reviewed and cleared by the McMaster Research Ethics Board (MREB). If you have any concerns or questions please contact the Ethics Secretariat, Research Office for Administration, Development and Support (ROADS), (905) 525-9140 ext. 23142,

LIVELab Contacts:

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