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Investigating the Impact of COVID-19 on Student-Instructor Interactions Compared to Interactions Before COVID-19

Hello, my name is Amal Malik and I am a student enrolled in ENVSOCTY 3MA3 - Research Methods under the instruction of Dr. Gita Ljubicic. 

The purpose of this questionnaire aims to investigate the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the interactions between students and their respective instructors, as opposed to the interactions that were perceived before COVID-19. 

This survey is being conducted so as to pinpoint the causes and concerns surrounding online-learning after the COVID-19 pandemic created the shift from in-person to virtual learning. In terms of this questionnaire, it seeks to determine if student-instructor interactions have changed as well as how they have changed. The results from this study will allow further analysis into the way that the relationships between students and their professors have been altered from the perspective of the student and will also supplement ways to combat the concerns.

Moreover, the benefits associated with completing this survey are that the results will allow supplementation into further researching ways to combat any raising concerns regarding student-instructor interactions. For example, if the results to be found are that the interactions of students and professors have greatly declined during COVID-19, then there will be methods determined to increase interactions for online-learning. This is beneficial as it influences the learning experience of students taking this survey.

There are no associated risks with participating in this survey.

This survey is purely voluntary and consists of 16 questions which should take you no more than approximately 7-9 minutes to complete. The survey will be administered solely to the students enrolled in Tutorial Session 01 where the Teaching Assistant is Shaila Jamal. All responses are anonymous.

 If you have any questions, my contact information is as stated below:


Name: Amal Malik

Student ID: 400188439


There are 16 questions in this survey.
Where are you conducting your online learning from? (e.g. Student Housing)
(This question is mandatory)

Rate on the scale below how effective in-person learning is to you.

(This question is mandatory)
Rate on the scale below how effective online learning is to you.
(This question is mandatory)
How often did you engage in interacting with your professors pre-COVID?
(This question is mandatory)
How often did you engage in interacting with your professors post-COVID?
(This question is mandatory)
What were the main ways you used to interact with your professors in terms of accessibility?
If you selected ‘Other’ for the previous question, please explain.
(This question is mandatory)
Rate on the scale how accessible the resources to interact with your professors are in an online-learning environment.
(This question is mandatory)
What were the reasons you interacted with your professors?
 If you selected “Other” in the previous question, please explain.
Which place at McMaster University did you feel most attached to? (E.g. BSB Science Lounge).
Rank the reasons why you frequented your place of attachment in order of relevance (answered in the previous question). 1 being the most relevant, 4 being the least relevant.

How did you find that your mobility patterns influenced your communication skills? Please explain.

(e.g. The more I travelled around campus, the easier I found it to socialize with others)

(This question is mandatory)
Rate on the scale below how important in-person learning is to you, for the following:
Social Life Interacting With Professors Mental Well-Being Learning/Education
Very Important
Quite Important
Of Consideration
Relatively Unimportant
Not Important
(This question is mandatory)
Rate on the scale below, how relevant your environmental interactions contributed to your social interactions.
Do you have any additional comments?