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Mental Health in Remote Learning

My name is Elizabeth Alexander, student number 400197967, and I am conducting this survey to study student’s mental health and how remote/online learning is affecting that. This project is being submitted on February 26th, 2021 for the ENVSOCTY 3MA3 Research Methods course working under Professor Gita Ljubicic and in tutorial 1 under teaching assistant Shaila Jamal. With this questionnaire I hope to explore students’ feelings about whether remote learning has been better or worse for their mental health and the potential issues associated with this. Some objectives of this survey include: observing how online learning contributes to burnout out in students contributing to a decline in mental health, with school and socializing have all being reduced to screen interaction how that affects mental health and well-being, how decreased interaction leads to a decline in mental health, and how the lines of work and home life balance have blurred causing more stress in what should be a comfortable environment and how that affects students mental health. Please feel free to contact me at alexae2@mcmaster.ca if you would like information about the results of the survey. 

Hello participants,

This survey aims to examine the relationship between remote learnign and mental health of students. All responses willl be confidential. 

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