Kids Brain Health Network Family Engagement Services Survey

The purpose of this survey is to identify your needs as a research team for Family Engagemnet Services throughout the course of the KBHN RFA process (July - September 2017). Please take a moment to complete this brief survey.


There are 8 questions in this survey.

Information on your Research Team

Title of RFA Submission 

What diagnosis does your RFA focus on?

Family Engagement Services (McMaster Site, KT Core)

Which family stakeholders are you interested in collaborating with? (Please select all that apply)
Parents or caregivers
Is your research team already connected with family stakeholders?
Is your research team interested in any of the following Family Engagement Services? (Please check all that apply).
Matching Program: Family Engagement Core can match you with parents/caregivers or youth with similar interests to partner in your research.
Mentorship Program: Family researchers can join the Family/Youth Research Facebook Groups (community of families interested in research) and receive mentorship support from families with experience in partnering in research projects
Planning Support: Family Engagement Core can provide support with the family engagement component of the RFA Grant applications.

Are there any additional ways that the Family Engagement KT Core (McMaster Site) can support your research team and/or general comments you have for the Family Engagement KT Core?