Preamble and Consent

Preamble Statement

We are researchers from the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, McMaster University, and we are looking to find out how people establish a romantic relationship.

In this study, participants will come to the LIVELab to experience a speed-dating event. You can expect the event to be much like any dating event in the real world. You will experience up to 15 short dates and confidentially indicate whether you would be interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with each partner. You will receive your matches (i.e., both people indicate a desire to meet again) by email within 24 hours of participating in the event. In addition, this research will enhance our understanding of how people interact, which is important for understanding human behaviour and building healthy societies.

Throughout the experiment, you will be wearing a comfortable headband with a motion capture marker placed on top, and the trajectory of your movements will be recorded. This study will be recorded using Video Cameras and Photo Camera that will be used for later analysis. We will investigate how body movements represent romantic connections.

This event is free of charge.


After consent, you can sign up for either Sept. 28 (Thursday) or Spet. 29 (Friday) at 7 pm.

Please sign-up using the form below, and we will contact you to confirm the appointment afterwards.


If you have any question, please contact

Researcher: Andrew Chang (PhD candidate), changa5@mcmaster.ca

Researcher: Haley Kragness (PhD candidate), kragneh@mcmaster.ca

Project Coordinator: Rami Mechael, mechael@mcmaster.ca

Director:  Dr. Laurel Trainor, Ph.D. (905) 525-9140 ext. 23007 http://livelab.mcmaster.ca/


This survey is part of a study that has been reviewed and cleared by the McMaster Research Ethics Board (MREB). The MREB protocol number associated with this survey is MREB2017-137.

You are free to complete this survey or not. If you have any concerns or questions about your rights as a participant or about the way the study is being conducted, please contact:
  McMaster Research Ethics Secretariat
  Telephone 1-(905) 525-9140 ext. 23142
  c/o Research Office for Administration, Development and Support (ROADS)
Consent to Participate
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